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  The payment modalities that we used are:

1. - Con Gives. - Single for the cases of Lima metropolitan, being in American dollars or New Suns to the type of change of the dollar sale of the Parallel market.


2. - INTERBANK  Transference. - For minimum  International purchases of $ 150 at international level. For National Purchases in  minimum purchases of $ 20.00.

National Payments: Credit union of Peru

It counts Current in Dollars 193-XXXXXXXXX

International Payments: Code of interbank account Dollars of the Credit union of Peru - 002-XXXXXXXXXXX cod swift (To consult)



3. - Credit cards. - All the payments with credit cards (Minimum $30 ) VISA, MASTERCARD, DINNERS, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVERY, ETC, will be process through 2Checkout which will be made by means of a safe page and whose processing is immediate. One asked for his personal data for the respective verification and  the amounts to them of purchase. This procedure will be in Ingles reason why if it had some doubt does not doubt in doing presents/displays it to our mail.



Immediate  payments  for all the clients with accounts  in Pay Pal. - In order to be able to make its purchases directly from our Web via 2Check out and Pay Pal, single will have to choose products to buy and soon at the time of the payment from a safe page it will offer him whereupon option wishes to pay. This option does not represent additional expenses nor inscriptions to be able to pay from our Web. By single promotion for clients of Pay Pal  they can make its purchases and pay until in 90 days previous approval.


4. - Transference of Money. - For transference they will have to turn to name of Luis Mayuri Portlla (to ask for the additional personal data) this means of payment by regulating is sent by Western Union in the offices of Peru.


Note: The prices do not include shipment in any means reason why they will have to add  according to tariff by peso/tamaño.


Method of accepted payments and costs

The following methods of payments accepted  by our company  mainly are by as much national banking transference and the International to our accounts in Peru which will have to him to include an additional cost for the outside of $ 18,00 and for national transference of $ 1,00  on any payment according to the minimum amounts accepted by our company (the 150,00 International $ minimum and for Nationals $20,00) and from our Web the purchases was made with international valid credit cards  (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discovery).


Security of Credit cards

All the purchases made directly from our Web will be process via  2Checkout INC company world-wide recognized by the security and guarantee of the processes of purchases in line. since the payments are directly process in an atmosphere platform surely guaranteed. By means of 2Checkout INC you can UD verify our affiliation and the trustworthiness of its purchase consulting directly in 2Checkout INCc  or case I oppose if it wished some aid ours could contact to us  directly from our data of contact.


Process of the position to its credit card

All purchase paid with 2Checkout INC. credit card via 2Checkout INC  will be loaded when the products are sent to the buyer and at the same time to confir the single boarding to me of same with the document of courrier  and/or the respective code of I send.

You order them of purchase could be annulled total or partially and thus to avoid the position to its credit card if the products are not embarked about  lack of stock or mutual agreement of the cancellation of the initial order of purchase, this will report of our 2Checkout INCpart to 2Checkout INC such that they made the verification of the purchase and shipment to come finally to the position from the amount paid to his credit card, with which will offer a greater security him in its purchase. All made purchase generates a mail of verification of the same one, which will have of being responded to immediately verify its data briefed in the purchase as well as the verification  of the direction of delivery of the merchandise.



For all the purchases the taxes of sales are including  (generalmpuesto i of sales in Peru)  but not thus any other taxes outside the country since our prices are local FOB. Any additional taxes of internamiento or payments will be on behalf of the client  according to the laws of internamiento of each country unless commercial agreements of exoneration exist.


To locate an order or buys

The modality of purchase in our Web is simple, single will have to locate the product to acquire and "to buy" in this button, which will add  to its car of purchase and 2Checkout INCwill go to the pagina of 2Checkout INCsafe purchase and soon if it wishes to continue acquiring other products from the same page will be able to return to our Web and to acquire other products. Soon when this ready its car of purchases happens to select to the shipment cost choosing its country of shipment therefore the total amount of the purchase calculated and finally it passed to a the personal footbridge of entrance of the data of his card as well as data and verification of such, which finished the process with the shipment of a mail with the data briefed for its confirmation.


States of the order

Ours you order will be given based on the times of the shipment option or courrier which are of 2 to 4 weeks in average, this will define the tariff selected and cancelled in its car of purchase. For wholesale purchases the times vary  based on the bought amounts that can vary of  2 to 6 weeks in average.


Errors of price  and cancellation of you order

Ontrack Peru reserves the right  to cancel an order  previous to its shipment in the following cases:

1. - If some  error in the prices or some  variation of such existed with a smaller or greater price of the real price to the date of the purchase.

2. - If it existed some violation of the terms and conditions of the purchase or its credit card does not surpass the verifications of fraud of 2Checkout or the verification of our banks with the correct verification of the made transference.

3. - If the credit card is rejected by its  Bank of issue

All order of purchase is considered like so single when a financial document of payment accepted and verified not therefore  the post office or letters of simple purchase exists.


Variations of price

The variations were made without previous warning in our Web which single will be   valid those purchases that already are verified and cancelled to the date of boarding, the prices can be fit single for distributors and purchases by amount previously negotiated.



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