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Our products mainly  are sent through the service of Paquetería, SERPOST in the modality TRADITIONAL SERVICE with option  Express mail Services 7day for small packages or 2da. CLASS that is the economic tariff and in time of approximated delivery of 30 to 45days for boardings up to 30 Kilos. This calculation makes our car of purchases depending on the respective place of delivery.


Admission of shipments of diverse weight and volume, according to the exigencies   of the client (from 2 kgs to 30 kgs. and of 14 cms. up to 1,5 mts) and in small packages from 500Gramos to 2 Kilos maximum (for the shipment of Chullos for example)

 • If it wishes a delivery of time shorter SERPOST a little has tariffs more fast in EXPRESS MAIL SERVICES with time average of 7 days.


For boarding of great volume from 100 Kilos it will be made by sea o by consolidated boarding Aerial order.

For the case of boarding greater the port or Airport was coordinated previously closest to be able to contact best means of transport as well as the respective tariffs of aduanaje and desaduanaje in each location. TO CONSULT




For the purchases made in our Web the shipments are calculated in 1-2 weeks quarrels to regulate (Serpost),  for urgent deliveries from 2-3 days (DHL,  UPS, Fedex) and the economic tariffs of 3-6 weeks (Serpost). Our company does not become person in charge by the considered times of delivery since these procedures tend to vary according to the availabilities of each agency of courrier, whose processes are other people's to our control. Other factors are the country of destiny and its policies of internamiento and the customs of each Country.


Errors of delivery direction

If this case existed it will generate a position by  handling and shipment in the following cases:

1. - The client provides an incorrect direction with delivery and the product is given back  by this reason, which will not exist reimbursement if this cost of cancelled shipment either to with the purchase or will be had of returning to again pay to the integral cost of the load the more the expenses of respective handling.

2. - If dumb of direction without confirming this change previous to the date of boarding.

4. - In case the Courrier consults if the product arrives at its destiny and it is not received by incorrect direction, is not the in charge person or by previously exposed we will take the freedom to authorize to the Courrier the return of the merchandise or the abandonment of same in the Country the destiny without responsibility of reimbursement of our company to the client.   

As political of quality and it gives our company predicted to make the return of the product that by own reasons for our company is not the solicitd one or that this damaged previous to the reception and conformity of the same one. Later to the acceptance and conformity our company did not make return or change of the product under any alternative.


In case the return of the cancelled payment was asked for as advance of some order this can be made  always and when our company fails to fulfill the delivery within the agreed downtimes or not to tell on the respective stock the date of delivery.


If some product has been deteriorated by the transport we recommended not to receive them and to inquire immediately to make the cover valid of insurance that will make reenvío possible of the deteriorated pieces. The costs of the return of products are on behalf of the client as much of shipment as of the previous return negotiation of the parts.


If the direction is incorrect, our company does not take responsibility of the delivery, being able to be return, previous payment of return on the part of the buyer. The buyer will be informed into the delivery process.


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