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The main options within the variety of Peruvian crafts we can emphasize one of the main ones that they come from the north of Peru mainly like are the decorativas crafts of CHULUCANAS, that are characterized by the use of natural materials in many cases like the handle leaf to obtain some basic colors.

In addition we will offer other decorative articles according to they are gotten up to our artisan product range.

The photos are referential and can vary colors or designs in some cases. Prices do not include load for export. Some products can be affection to customs taxes of their country, not including in the prices.



Summary of the catalogue of images of decorativas crafts of Chulucanas



Within the different models we emphasized the new options of crafts of Chulucanas which are in the form of images of birds like the Owl, dove, toucan, turkeys, etc. These silhouettes try to represent the main birds in a decorative format utilitarian with basic colors of the natural dyes that are used in the majority of cases.



This series of products we denominated plates to him catches dreams so that the creation format includes decorative additional accessories like huairuro or colorful stones that in many cases assign certain esoteric details to him.

Everything is created in decorative clay and similarly in modern and standard colors of the North region of Peru.




The generated silhouettes eb this section are mainly images or silhouettes of people in different situations as they could be mother nursing his children, silhouettes of women in different situations or simply images from people realising daily workings. Mainly in Ocher colors or modern pies



The vases that we presented/displayed generally we used engravings with the lines of Is born that they are of the ancestral culture of the same name but that I am mainly to the center and the south of the Peru, of whose images world-wide they are known as the lines of Are born in which emphasize the colibrí, the bird, the monkey, etc. are created in different sizes to be used very decoratively in different locations either from the house or office.





For the case of our floreros we supplied by regulating different models with options from basic colors and colors modern pies in order to be able to differentiate them from the classic floreros that by regulating are sold in many places, this factor differential always allows us to offer a great variety to them of artisan floreros. One remembers that these products are solely decorative and is not recommended to him to use water or any liquid in its use.



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